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Staff and Leadership

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Jaret McBryde

Lead Pastor

Jaret was born and raised in a Christian family right in the little town of Kernersville (K-vegas), NC. He is married to his lovely wife Tatum and has a beautiful daughter, Lochlyn. He professed his faith in Jesus and was baptized at a very early age. As he grew up, he had many experiences that challenged and strengthened his faith. After high school, he attended John Wesley University where he gained skills in leading youth and adult ministry. Currently, Jaret is working towards a Master of Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After graduating from college, Jaret gained most of his “hands-on” ministry experience as a Youth Pastor at Main Street Baptist in Kernersville. After seven years there, we moved to Stokesdale after the birth of his daughter to be closer to family. After the move, God opened the door to more youth pastor experiences in the Bethany community of Reidsville. This led to God’s ultimate plan of connecting Jaret to New Lebanon Church.

Jaret’s goal at New Lebanon Church is to bring the Bethany community and surrounding areas together. Through loving Jesus, loving people, and helping people love Jesus, this relationship-building and Bible teaching can bring Jesus to the center of our daily lives. Jaret wants to grow a ministry team that will help in creating an environment to shapes lives in a Biblical worldview. Seeking to integrate New Lebanon Church into the Bethany community to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries.

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Mack Cook

Kids Ministry Pastor

I was born and raised in Reidsville, North
Carolina in a Christian home where I learned about
Jesus. I was 22 years old when I met Jesus
on my Damascus Road and was born again on
December 05, 2015. One month later I surrendered
to the call to preach, and I have been embracing
every opportunity to serve Jesus since then. My beautiful wife Kim and I have been blessed them with four wonderful children Adam,
Zane, Mila, and Wren.

My vision for the children Ministry at New Lebanon
Church is to teach them who Jesus is, help them
understand what Jesus has done for them on a
personal level, and mentor them so they can live an
abundant and successful life in Jesus Christ!

Harley Bowser

Youth Pastor / Media Specialist / Worship Director

I have been in ministry for almost a decade now, WOW, time flies when you're having fun!


I love Jesus and his Church, Sports, Fishing and just about anything that comes with a good time!

My amazing wife and I have 2 wonderful children, Isabella (Bella) and Carson! My wife is a Preschool Teacher & I have been in the automotive industry since 2013.

My goal for Connect Youth (the youth group name here at NLC) is to help students love Jesus and everyone else, my desire is that we could create a place for Middle & High school students to develop a mature relationship with Jesus before they graduate from school and the ministry.

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